Rose Aguiar - Photographer

Rose  Aguiar is a Brazilian artist graduated  in visual Art and getting tree post-graduations in the same field. She is living in Nova Friburgo, in the state of Rio de Janeiro. She has been practicing drawing, xylography, watercolor and photography for more than 35 years and has produced innumerable collective and individual exhibitions,  in Brazil (Fortaleza, Goiás, São Paulo, Porto de Galinhas, Rio de Janeiro and Nova Friburgo) and in USA (New York), Portugal, Japan (Osaka), France (Paris), Italy (Milan). 

She has also participated in numerous Artistic Education Conferences, in Brazil and abroad. She has been Director of the Oficina Escola de Artes in Nova Friburgo (School of Art Workshops in Nova Friburgo). She has published many academic texts and has participated in several Art catalogs, in Brazil and abroad.

Rose loves to observe landscapes and personages. She has the sensation and the ability to touch them and  get immersed in them. Her studies on shapes and volumes and on the way they will integrate light is a passion that always anticipates a new plastic representation. Her photographs are fragments of her surroundings or known realities that sometimes, might  get a new meaning and a new orientation and become suddenly just pure poetry, losing their established order rigidity and getting free to idle.