Ronaldo Cavalcantie - Visual Artist


Ronaldo Cavalcante is from a time in which produce an Art Work was an act of opposition and esthetics manifestation a way to touch the affect. 

His drawings topics have always been choose among the things or the people he likes: Popular feasts, the day to day life but also, all his friends living in his heart.

He never drew just to be drawing, never accepted an order which was not in line with his tastes, his desires and his generous vision of the word.

Lay out artist, designer, books and magazines illustrator, he always print in his works some details linked to the culture of the Ceará State of which he is from, however he is not trapping the Art with regionalism, keeping it as a cage bird, but just turning it into an intense participation in a community choose by destiny.


Rosemberg Cariry
Poet and Movie Director.