Octavio Rold - Visual Artist


Octávio Rold was born in Brasilia in 1989 and he graduated visual art from the Brasilia University. In Florence, he got a degree in Art History at the Università degli Studi di Firenze (UniFi). In 2013, he did an individual exhibition called:”Luoghi Fluidi”, in the Meykadeh Gallery, in the Florence Historical Center and took part in a collective exhibition at EXPOMILÃO.

Octávio has stood out with individual exhibitions in galleries and in international Art fairs. Some of his works are now  part of  private and public collections, such as the Brazilian Embassy in Rome. 

In 2018, he will go back to Europe, to take part in the Salon International d’Art Contemporain (International Contemporary Art Salon) and be part of the Artwork Cataloguing guide, global references of the international artistic market.

Heloiza Azevedo
Curator, Biographer,
Cultural Producer and 
Founder of the Heclectik-Art Gallery.