Luciana Aguilar - Photographer

Luciana's creations are purely artistic, copyright work focused on photography. Fine Art that unites creativity with themes of the human psyche and her very personal view of the parameters that define society. The artist allows herself personal freedom to explore unlimited opportunities, visual, creative expression and technology.


Her creative process is intuitive and the compositions contain a metaphorical level and intrinsic statement about herself. The image sharpness and photographic techniques are not deter-minant in these images that carry an essential key encoded meaning. Her artistic intent has aesthetic and discursive defined and seek to promote a breaking down of the context of those who see.


Her designs are marked by her strong desire to translate inner feelings. She uses photography as a way to express her concern and certain feelings of the abyss that always seem to strive for an unattainable happiness as melancholy, loneliness, sadness, pain and anguish.