Katia Matias - Visual Artist


I was born in Victoria, in the state of Espirito Santo, in Brazil. As a wellknown plastic artist, I have participated in numerous national and international exhibitions. I have a degree in Drawing and Visual Arts from Mackenzie University and I did a post-graduation at Casper Libero Faculty.  I received many awards with paintings, presented in a creative way and in which reality mixes with the dream. 

My works are part of several private collections scattered in various countries of the world as: Spain, France, England, Italy, Holland, Portugal and the United States. My characters are diluted in a sweet and original way, in a delicate atmosphere, with an abstract background that creates an ethereal and dynamic climate. 

I am using a mixed technique to create an original and unseen pictorial color range and take the spectator on a poetic journey to the borders of the imaginary. 

Katia Matias
Visual Artist.