José Guilherme Lima - Visual Artist


José Guilherme was born in Taguatinga, a city of the Federal District where he still living and developing his Art Work as a visual artist. When he was a child, he  already liked to draw and paint. 

In the beginning he just did it as a self-taught, developing his observation, his feeling and improving his drawing skill. Then, he started to paint with oil on canvas.  

Aiming to perfect his craftiness and his plastic creativity and to increase his knowledge he began to attend some Art classes, to visit exhibitions in galleries and museums and, above all, to practice regularly a pictorial activity.

His Art Works are figurative, they are mostly naturalist landscapes or portraits focused in a realist perception. We will get the opportunity to find in Guilherme´s canvas a huge style and means of expression diversity which are part of his Art Work originality.


 Roselena Campos
Visual Artist. 

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