Flamarion Trevisan - Painter - Visual Artist



My works get a formal construction and a spatial mastery through geometry, even an occulted one. It is an open work ! The concept of beauty lies into the timeless form and contents, standing in the primitive universal, at the limbo border between ethics and esthetics imposed by the society. 

It holds some perceptual vectors about the emotional memory. My plastic language gets its roots in drawing. Contrasts, darkness, shadows, nuances and light. Free and independent colors without limit!


Transfigurative expressionism, focus to human being. Mas-tery in anatomy and in the formal structuring of the conceptual materiality. Fantastic reality, essential truth with value in the intuition, occult concretion revealing a suffoca-ted and oppressed population. 

Factual emphasis in the intern abstract dimension of the parallel universe, which is trying to lift the veil which is masking the cultural deformations and bring light into the obscurity in the aim to give a reality to all that is buried deeper in the core of Life!

Flamarion Trevisan

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