Fabiolla Loureiro - Photographer


The essence of my art lies in the freedom that allows me to be anywhere at any time. My creative process is connected with my reality, and so the climate has become an important element of my photography, where I transform it into a visual narrative. 

Winter and rainy days became my passion, as I live in a tropical country, every time I can, I travel to the opposite. When it is possible, I love to capture the intimacy of a city by throwing light into the darkness. 

The Hungarian Brassaï has a lot of influence on my black and white photography, especially when I take pictures in Paris, one of the strong suit of my work. 

These moments, which are my artistic way to express my freedom, are creating the mysterious black nar- rative for the interpretation of my public. I like to show that the power of a photo allows us to discover new explanations about the reality that we are living now.

Fabiolla Loureiro