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Enio Godoy - Photographer


Enio Godoy is a Judge, this is his official profession, but to join his dream to reality he had chose to become also a photographer. He Started to work with photography in 1976, with an Olympus Trip 35, and then never stopped to record the day life´s happenings: 

I photograph what I want, never subjecting myself to any obligation, I always do what my heart tells me to do, and just record what my eyes are seeing and what they find beautiful enough to be recorded.  Lately I have been dedicating myself to record the movements, in order to freeze the object, the moment, but letting always glimpse that time doesn´t stop - tempus fugit - and that became to be my own artist identity. 

Enio prefers not to change the image´s feature of his works, but recognizes that the computer open a large range of editing options: 

Now, the computer became the photo laboratory of yesterday, but with a myriad of technological possibilities, however I do not use to retouch images none even to include or take out any content. Before, the photomontage was done with negatives sandwiches but now, the software gives the possibility to change a lot of information’s from a photo. 

For Enio Godoy, photography brings satisfaction. I also travel to take photos. By the way, my trips´ itineraries are always linked to the possibility to take photos. Moreover, when I am stressed, I seat down at my computer to look at photographs and it calms me down a lot.

Heloiza Azevedo