Dudu Rodrigues - Visual Artist


Human being: The Expression of Happiness on Paintings.


The basic theme of his paintings is the human being and so, the artist Dudu Rodrigues uses a varied corporal form of paintings to express himself. The main feature of his art is the search for the expression of emotion through the body posture and not the face. That's why it is common to find characters that do not have eyes and mouths outlined in his paintings.


Another highlight of the paintings is the demand to transmit feelings of happiness. It explains why the frames are produced with vibrant and cheerful colours – expressing vivacity.

‘’My aim is to make people happy when they look to my work”, says the artist.

Some of the most prominent paintings of Dudu are the ones that come with "fat" characters. This is because Dudu tries to show the charm of each character. For him, the important thing is to reveal the joy of fat people with their well-defined lines and curves. ‘’When I paint chubby people, I try to show the beauty that exists in it, especially with their care in dressing. All this is to emphasize fat has lots of charm, grace and beauty.” he reflects.


The paintings of the arts are exposed in some places in Brazil and abroad.

The painting ‘’mestre-cuca’’ for example, is displayed in one of the best Portuguese food restaurants in Sao Paulo. Another painting, ‘’Mube-Escada’’ is displayed at the Museum of Sculpture in Jardins, Sao Paulo. The artist has also some paintings in the USA and European countries such as Italy, France, Spain and Austria.


“Many of my paintings went to Florida because they match well with the weather typical from there.” adds the artist.

In counterpoint to the paintings of the "fat ", Dudu Rodrigues is starting to dedicate to the paintings titled "Stylish Men". The idea of creating frames with stylish men came up seven years ago when the artist painted, a framework for a factory of ties in São Paulo.


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