Wallace Alves - Painter

Wallace Alves was born on 11 June 1972 in Cataguases, in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. His interest for Arts turned out while he was still a child, when he made his first drawings with pencil and his first paintings with gouache. At the beginning, all his works were figurative. 

He is graduated from the Minas Gerais Federal University, with a specialization in neurosurgery and spinal surgery at the Minas Gerais Hospital Foundation. He is currently a neurosurgeon and works in two hospitals: the Materdei and the João XXIII. Self-taught painter, he has been influenced by the abstract impressionists, but also got inspiration from great masters of the Flemish painting as Vincent Van Gogh and Willem de Kooning and from the German artist Gerard Richter. 

His vibrant style, his strong and striking strokes and colours are stemming from his unconscious, from his soul. In January 2017, he took part in an exhibition at the Otto Cirne Cultural Space in Belo Horizonte. His works featuring this exhibition have been praised, and all of them have been sold. 

Currently some of his paintings are in the Gallery QUADROS DECOR, in Lavras Novas, in the district of Ouro Preto, some are in Ouro Branco, and other ones in Alphaville and Nova Lima, in the State of Minas Gerais. Wallace Alves lives in Belo Horizonte, he is married and has three children.