Tiago Magro - Visual Artist

Tiago Magro is an artist multimedia who was born in Brazil. His work shows some influences from the 80´s and 90´s, but at the same time is absorbing all the elements of a modern palette and transmitting a refreshing energy.

He has been working in urban areas of New York, Miami and Brazil. He is using several kinds of materials (including stencils, spray paints, epoxies, varnishes and newspapers) to transmit love and his passion of life.

I love the emotion that makes me feel the fact to stay linked to each one of my works, getting the impression that each one of them is a part of me. I want my art to express and reflect who I really am. In most of my works, I am using mixed techniques and doing some experiments with different elements and colors but, as I am a Brazilian, on each stroke given the color key role is becoming more important, it transmit understanding, life, love and Art initiation. It expresses who I am. It is my soul. My ultimate aim is to incentivize people to want to surpass themselves and to help them to realize their dreams… I am not doing Art, I am living art.


Tiago Magro - Painter/Grafitti-Art.

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