Silvana Perez - Visual Artist


Silvana Perez, is a self-taught plastic artist. Since 2001, she has been dedicating her time to her Art works.  Initially she was doing mosaics for residential façades, furniture and floors, but since 2015, she started to use mosaics on wood and canvas with some applications of cuttings. 

Like so she has found a way to contribute to the environment and her work is now classified as Sustainable Art. The results have been surprising and now she dominates the technique and create figurative works. Her art is rich in details and charged with emotion, movement and color. In her last works she is using the retro style to create some sceneries where the main protagonist is the woman, her femininity and everything linked to it. 

Her creativity aim to do that respect for individuality become the main step in order to assure that individual rights will result in equality for all. Besides the retro style, her work extends to pop Art, contemporary Art, and abstraction. New projects are being prepared to be presented in national and international artistic participation.