Rosangela Loschi - Visual Artist


I was born and raised in Campinas, Brazil, and graduated Biochemistry and Pharmacy at University of São Paulo. In 2008, I attended the School of Architecture, Art, Design and Interior Design, in Campinas. From 2012 to 2015 I studied under Kristen Olson in California and Tuscany, and in 2014 under Mark Nardini and Brian Corral in California. 

When I moved to São Paulo to attend college, the contrast between the town of my youth and the big metropolis gifted me a palette of emotions that I started to use in my paintings as form of self-expression.

Later on, once I started working, I always shared time between my own pharmaceutical company and the studio, expressing feelings through my art: paintings first, then large custom-made modular concrete panels–three-dimensional–canvase–that grace several residences in my hometown.

I capture emotions and dreams using bold strokes, strong colors and heavy textures that vibrate and want to jump off the canvas. I like to transform a blank canvas into a unique moment in time, a reflection on my own life and feelings at that moment.

In 2010 I moved to Silicon Valley and reflecting on the beautiful scenery of Northern California, I experimented with plein-air painting as another outlet for my creativity. In 2015 I moved to Miami where I found the more dynamic and spirited life- style I was longing for. As a result, my most recent paintings are warmer and brighter reflecting my new surroundings. 

Rosangela Loschi 
 Visual Artist.