Nara Cavalcanti - Visual Artist

Nara Cavalcanti, was born in Recife, a city, from the Pernanbuco State, in Brazil, where she studied drawing, painting, and several techniques such as: acrylic, oil on canvas, linotype and sculpture.  She has also studied in Florence, in Italy, at the "Florence Academy of Arts". 

She is currently working on a series of canvases whose style is between the classical and the contemporary. She has participated in numerous group and individual exhibitions in Brazil. 

In 2014, she also took part in some exhibitions in Frankfurt, in Germany. Now, in 2017, she is returning to Europe, to participate in some exhibitions with her new series of canvases. 

A journey between classical and impressionism 

The aim of my work is to denounce the serious social problems currently lived around the world! The childhood universe has begun to occupy an extremely important place in my works, as a result of the misunderstanding of innocent children and the serious problems borne by human beings, through all kinds of wares, attacks, injustices and lack of love. It couldn't exist any  life and future, without respect for children and nature. This is my soul, my paints, what motivates me, This is my attempt to awake up people and remind them  the importance of still caring for children, all around the world! It should not be any border to overcome this kind o problems. 

Nara Cavalcainti


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