Felipe Innocente - Visual Artist


Felipe Innocente well known as INNO was born in São Paulo – SP, Brazil in the traditional neighborhood Mooca and he is 37 years old. He is graduated in Publicity; he works for more than 11 years with Graphic Art Design Direction.

The art follows him since he was a child and he is investing in the evolution of this process. He lived in California for a year from 2003 to 2004 and in London and in Castelraimondo in Italy in 2010 and 2011, where he acquire cultural knowledge and experience when he executes communication works, art and urban interventions. 

He made more than 700 interventions with his Sticker – Zé – Ri – Co in Europe. In São Paulo – SP, Brazil he made some more interventions and he dedicated himself to street paintings. He was the first Brazilian to paint in Braccano –Italy, a city known by its walls and face of houses painted by artists from all over the world. 

He participated with the Vivo Call Parade and his phone booth was exposed at Da Sé Square – São Paulo – SP, Brazil. Nowadays he has an Atelier in Mooca, São Paulo – SP, Brazil and he works with art and communication.