Gina Castelo Branco - Visual Artist


For Gina Castelo Branco, in love with Art since she was a child, to paint is a  kind of a release. Her works are passing some emotions and feelings that she is getting from her heart of heart and represent her vision of the current reality:  loves, distress, human´s feelings, her daily fights, but also her dreams, the places which made a great impression on her and the nature exuberance.  

Currently, she is using a mix technical and joint it with her creativity to take advantage of the new materials and Fluid Art technical to brush, in an abstract way, the contemporary human being´s subconscious.

She is always looking for new effects and new technical and, through her nonstop researches and experiments and due to her very light brushstrokes and her practices of spilling, dropping and whirling, she is able to create organic looking patterns, with harmonious tones and a lot of fluidity which will carry the viewer to another world and are doing the originality of her paintings. 

It seems like this artist, who is considered as one of the best of the State o Piaui, in Brazil, realized already her intense desire to touch the public and push them to love Art, because her woks are now appreciated in many European countries as:  Portugal, Romania, Norway, Bulgaria and France.

Flavia Carvalho