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Conceição Mendes - Visual Artist 


I was born in 1947 in Nova Lisboa (Huambo-Angola), I have a Master in Aesthetic Communication, Painting, and Basic Education, I also get a degree in Interior Decoration, from the Luso-Brazilian Institute in Angola. I am teaching Painting in the ANAI (Coimbra Free University). I have been selected, among hundreds of candidates-by the Debut Contemporary Art, Nothing Hill, London-to take part in the Portugal Now: ”Top 100 Portuguese Artists”. 


I have also been taking part in several individual and collective national and international exhibitions, in Museums, Art Centers and Galleries and use to take part in biennials and several other projects linked to Visual Arts. My works are focused on the figurative, and I often deal with social problems with the only purpose to be promoting every body´s wellbeing.


Conceição Mendes
Visual Artist.