Ana Goulart - Visual Artist


Ana Goulart paintings get a kind of dynamism and movement  the elements and characters conception. Her works principal particularity is the affinity in between the artist, the model, the object and the topic preconceived. On the support the paint-brush is slipping without any predefined standardization, any uniform direction. 

The movements are always searching for her own way which is going to bring her to the form. Most of the time, Ana highlight a deconstructions, a deformation of what looks perfect or common. A new trimming is suddenly emerging, dressing a character, a  landscape or a scene. 

Each Art Work is just a fraction of her way to see the world, which always needs some transformations and some reflections. She is using several different colors, but the ones that predominate on her works are light green, lilac, blue, yellow, brown, white and black. Her paintings, most of the time impressionists and expressionists, have been influenced by great Masters as Vincent Van Gogh and Toulouse-Lautrec. 

Ana Goulart´s works are ranging from drawing, paintings, water colors and nankeen to photography. She has a predilection for huge areas and panels and she uses several techniques as acrylic, collages and mixed media, on different kinds of supports. Her next project would be to take on Street Art. 

Ana is graduated from the São Paulo Pan American Art School and still attends several theoretical and practical classes to enrich her skills in the Visual Arts, a choice that completes her as a human being, as a girl, as a woman and mediator in the great interventions that Art enables.


Heloiza Azevedo
Curator, Biographer, 
Cultural Producer.


& Consultoria Internacional Artística

Rua Manuel Peixoto, 172

Guimarães - Portugal

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