Alessandra Pauletti - Visual Artist

Alessandra Pauletti, was born in São Paulo, now she is living in Nova Pádua, in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, in Brazil. She is using several kinds of supports and techniques as the acrylic on canvas, collages and golden leaves applications, to create her works which could be abstract or figurative and then her topics would be ranging from feminine portraits to flowers or Mandalas. 

She attended several painting and drawing classes and took part in Art and creation workshops at the Caxias do Sul University. She tells us a little about her creations inspired by the Feminine Universe and by Klimt: 

"The women of my family, my mother and my aunts, have always been bold, determined and independent; they always overcame the barriers imposed by our society, they believed  in their intuition and in their own strength. They wanted to be happy but knew that for this, tough moments would be part of the process of overcoming that they used to experiment almost daily". 


Jaqueline Pauletti
Escritorio de Arte e Criatividade Jaqueline Pauletti.